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The Yellow Door And Other Suspicious Things

The house across the street is tall and gray with a peeling yellow door. The yard is made up of dandelions and wildflowers and vines that crawl up the sides of the house and onto the roof. An old man sporting suspenders and a cane wobbles past the front door and heads toward the mailbox. It stands at the edge of the yard and has the numbers 1444 carved into it. He pauses after every step until he gently opens the rickety, wooden box. He peers inside but doesn’t reach in before closing it shut. His shoulders slouch forward as he makes his way back towards the yellow door, empty- handed.


As writers in lockdown, all that we can do is write. We hope that these short and silly stories take you away for a moment.  Read other blog stories by the writers at Give Me Articles. They don’t all hide behind a yellow door. We’re an article writing company, maybe we could write blogs for you too.

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