Year of the Rat story written by Give Me Articles Writing Service

Year of the Rat

That little rat is always at our door. He likes the shoes. We’ve put out traps (humane) and moved our footwear indoors. He still comes.

Maybe he’s bold because it’s his year. A year of vitality: the females can have around 5000 annual youngsters. But he’s the same rodent. You can tell. He looks lost now, sniffing where the shoe rack was.

He reminds me of my faraway younger brother, who actually is a Rat – born 1996. Not to slight my brother. Just, he’s persistent to a fault.

But perhaps it’s no fault. I gave up rat-catching after one attempt. Now I’m sitting here complaining.

I choose a sacrificial welly and head out. He’s there. I brandish the heavy, old boot. I place it halfway down the path and return inside. Through glass I watch him scamper over.

This is your year, little rat. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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