Writing from The Farmlands in Rural US
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Writing from The Farmlands in Rural US

Do something you love this weekend. Me? I love writing articles from the farmlands in rural U.S. farm country and it contributes to my quality of life on several levels. I’m retired from a career in real estate sales and our family-owned electrical contracting business. Life is good in the country as my husband and I raise our preteen grandchild. Still, I need brain stimulation and to structure my time with daily goals to get me moving each day. Article writing is my solution. It allows me to be productive and use the time I have available. Researching the articles also allows me to learn new things every day about other locations, people and their jobs – and has the added gratification of an income.

For me, article writing is all about choice

How much, where and when I work is my decision – as long as I meet the deadline. Others may work more, or less, according to their availability and income goals, but I work twenty hours a week because that’s what works for me. That flexibility is important.

Living in a rural area means driving twenty minutes or more for everything. Rather than make two round trips when driving my grandson to activities, I stay on site. I have written articles in my car during baseball, basketball and soccer practices; in hospital waiting rooms; vacation hotels; at fishing lake picnic tables, skateboard parks and roller-skating rinks.

My usual work location is a comfy recliner in the spare room at home; my dog snuggled alongside me. It’s quiet with a view of farm fields and a distant wind farm. No traffic or neighbourhood noise to distract; just birds singing while I write articles for Two Red Crows Brand Storytelling.

I’m doing what I love

On the business side, having once been a small business owner, I can relate to the clients’ goals of an expanded market share. Most are simply entrepreneurs working hard to care for their families. But when I worked in real estate sales I didn’t love selling; I loved marketing homes. Making sure people found their home sweet homes. Now, tucked away in a quiet corner in rural U.S., article writing means I can continue painting word pictures to pique customer interest, while still helping them find what they’re looking for.

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