Should interns be in charge of your blog?
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Writing Articles is Easy. We Have an Intern.

When you offer professional article writing services, you hear a lot of writing clichés. Especially for short-form articles of 200 to 300 words. Clients will tell you it’s no big deal. That anyone can cobble together three paragraphs. That the intern can do it as part of their social media duties. And yes, some interns are skilled writers, and can produce potentially viral content. But remember, the intern’s job is to pick up new skills. They’re hoping their enthusiasm and fast learning curve could earn them a permanent job. But … they’re still learning. They need guidance and supervision in all their tasks, especially the digital ones.

What’s the big deal?

Would you send the intern alone to a TV interview or board meeting? Professional article writing services may not seem to be on the same level as journalists and investors. But the content you put online – through blogs or social media – has just as much reach and influence. Reading a bad article is like watching an interviewee with melting make-up and no talking points. And thanks to the power of the click, your bad article will be ‘sent to all’ in seconds. This could deeply damage your company’s reputation. And while it’s easy to blame (and fire) the intern, it will still leave a black mark against your company’s image.

Working with the pros

Professional article writing services have interns as well, but they’re never left to flounder. We train them (and pay them), helping them grow into the skilled content influencers of tomorrow and you should too. So even if your intern does have a creative writing degree, a YouTube channel, and 20,000 followers on social media, you may want to glance over their shoulder sometimes. Because while your apprentices can probably craft some quality pieces, be honest; can they really tell your clients’ product stories in a different way for every day of the week? Professional article writing services can. Why not try a free trial article and take it from there? Contact Give Me Articles today and let’s find out together!

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