Why the Articles You Post Now Will Bring You Future Benefit
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Why the Articles You Post Now Will Bring You Future Benefit

Many health and wellness gurus advise us to be more present and live in the moment. And it’s easy to follow that advice when we’re deciding between ‘homework’ and ‘hanging out with friends’. But in big-picture matters like raising kids and running a business, forward thinking is a crucial survival skill. How does this apply to professional blog writing services? Think of it this way. The majority of customers find you through search engines. When they land on your website, what would give them more confidence – an archive with 10 articles or one with 100? More articles imply more experience, longer history, and greater expertise. And yes, you could dump articles en masse, but algorithms are likely to penalise your shortcut.

Suspicious activity

For consumers, search engines are a convenience and a lifesaver. For the search engine companies, it’s an advertising platform. So they want to be as accurate as possible, gaining customer trust, which increases customer numbers. That’s why they punish ‘cheating’ by crushing your rankings. And it’s why you have to populate your site gradually, in real-time, for a long time. Professional blog writing services can facilitate this in safe, ethical ways that won’t ping the search-engine-police. Building up your cache bit by bit offers another benefit. It keeps your new content reliable and up to date. Meaning it’ll rank higher.

Long-term commitment

An industry-piece written today is more relatable than one written in 1995. In all aspects – timeliness, applicability, and even language. But that 1995 piece is still valid, because it shows your brand has stamina. And ten or twenty years from now, the blog you’re posting today becomes a mark of brand heritage. Once you get to 400+ posts, your traffic will increase 3.5 times and your leads will shoot up 4.5 times. It can be hard to envision that for yourself when writing a single article takes up so much energy. 400+ seems a million miles away! Let professional blog writing services do it for you. We can work on the content while you work on the rest. Why not contact Give Me Articles today?

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