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Why it Pays to Know Your Customer

We all have a ‘type’. We might not be aware of exactly what ‘our type’ is, but if we look at our past crushes, maybe even our past partners, a pattern starts to form. A similar principle applies to business, though it’s kind of the reverse. As a business, your ‘type’ isn’t the person you’re typically attracted to. It’s the person – or rather the customer – that’s typically drawn to your store, brand, product, or services. And if you’d like this customer to spend (more) money on you, then just like the dating scenario, you need to make yourself more appealing to them. Instead of just thinking about what your brand can do, narrow down what it can do for your clients.

Find out what they like

The term KYC (know your customer) was initially a banking buzzword aimed at preventing identity theft. It was popularised when pin-and-chip cards were introduced, because banks had to approach all existing customers and get additional KYC details. This enabled the banks to stay compliant. Outside of banking, getting to know your customer can make it easier to sell to them. And like the cliché goes, ‘You’re a unique and special individual. Just like everyone else.’ This essentially means as much as we like to see ourselves as different, we do have commonalities. These commonalities dictate friend groups – you’re more likely to spend time with like-minded people. These traits are also the basis of customer profiles or personas.

Offer what they need

Say you’re an ice cream company. You can increase sales by sending out mobile ice cream carts, or maybe ice cream trucks. But they can only carry so much stock. You don’t want to be mobbed by ‘hangry’ kids who want vanilla and butter-scotch when all you have is chocolate. Customer personas would tell you the most popular flavour in each neighbourhood. Our approach to online marketing articles relies heavily on customer personas. We familiarise ourselves with you and your customers so we can craft the right message – from you, for them. So why not get in touch with Give Me Articles today?

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