Why I Write for Two Red Crows
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Why I Write for Two Red Crows Brand Storytelling

I got into article writing in Nairobi back in 2010. I’ve always loved the written word. As long as I can craft my puns, I don’t care whether I’m using chalk on a pavement or drafting cute descriptions for a menu. It does help if I get paid for the work though!

I love reading, so I studied literature (and music) at university. But I dropped out to have my baby and figured my affair with words was finished. I ended up staying home for three years, looking after my daughter. It was fulfilling, but I did want to earn money. Sometimes I wrote short stories while she was sleeping, but I didn’t show anyone.

Finding my path

In Nairobi, article writing is mainly done for newspapers, so I started mailing my work to the dailies. I didn’t get anything published, but it felt nice to try. Then a friend helped me get a publishing internship which led to an editorial job in Dar es Salaam. While I was there, I did more writing and got a radio play published by the BBC. The reward money was amazing – Ksh 80,000! It was the most money I’d ever held in my hands! And it proved I was a real writer!! By then, the abusive relationship with my baby’s dad was unbearable, and I now had the confidence and financial ability to take my child and venture out on my own, so I did.

Coming home

I missed home, and article writing in Nairobi was my ticket, so I moved back with a basic plan of writing keyword articles online. A friend had suggested I try Elance and Freelancer. I did it for a year with limited success, so I gave up and joined an advertising agency, but I still wrote online sporadically. Then in March 2017 I started writing for Two Red Crows. It was consistent work and allowed me to plan my income, so eventually I switched to fulltime online writing. I love working from home. I can pay my bills, nap when I want, and be here for my teenager. Best decision I ever made.