We produce and place over two million words each year. That’s hardly a one wo(man) task. Your stories are compiled by Two Red Crows writers who work virtually, and are accustomed to living between a deadline and the deep blue sea, with only their wits, their words, and a flagon of coffee to keep it real. They’re polished by editors who recognise a good word when they read it, know how to wield an apostrophe, and promise not to faint at the mention of SEO. They’re displayed by the we-work-best-after-midnight graphic designer and IT team and our social media manager, who jealously guards your online reputation. The whole process is marshalled by gatekeeping project managers who hate a bottleneck and like to sway gently to a high volume, detail bedevilled, deadline driven tune. The Two Red Crows team holds your target audience in the palm of their hand, and whispers benefit-benefit-benefit not into their ears, but directly into their hearts.

Your brand stories are in good hands.



The copywriter in Chirene plots the shortest path from the benefits of your product, service or brand to the heart of the consumer. Going as the crow flies, your content will include calls to action, search engine optimization and other technical finessing to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Her adventurous side gets giddy at the mere mention of a trip to the library.

chirene@tworedcrows.co.za  +27 76 593 6090



Making time warp along a crescent path that rises and falls with the keeping of secrets, a crow sits in the shade of a nutmeg tree. Quiet, observant, deep in thought. Until it is time to crow VERY LOUDLY about (your) splendid treasures carefully uncovered (you).

If you, too, are tempted by the world of words to create a new, better, brighter, lighter reality. Shall we?

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