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What Value Does a Blog Really Bring?

Media entertains and informs the public. It used to be free, but these days, digital magazines have pay-walls while TV and radio are divesting into premium streaming services. In a sense – and to a limited extent – product blogs and social media feeds are the only free formats left for customers. But while they’re clearly good for the public, how do they benefit your business? Let’s count some of the ways, as proven by article writing service providers.

Page ranking and traffic

Almost everyone starts their product or service search on Google (and other search engines). So if you want clients and prospects to see you, you need to get to page one. Blogs help you improve your ranking in a variety of ways. They’re the primary point for web crawlers as they decide how high (or low) your website should rank. The number of visitors to your website influences page ranking – the more the better. And the more blog posts you have – knowing that each blog post counts as a separate web page – the more ‘virtual surface area’ you provide for web crawlers and back-linkers. In this sense, more blog posts equal more eyeballs and more opportunities to sell. So work with article writing service providers to boost your content, and by extension, your traffic.

Leads and customer queries

Every web visitor is a potential buyer. If you blog more than 16 times a month, your traffic goes up 3.5 times and your leads increase 4.5 times. Also, you can leverage your traffic stats for advertisers. The more regular visitors you have, the more advertising space you can sell. After all, you’re guaranteeing their ad will be seen by x number of web visitors. Meanwhile, your business can follow up those blog leads and convert them into paying clients. Most people arrive on your website because they typed in a question. The search algorithm offered up your website as a potential solution, positioning your service or product as the answer to their problem. Meaning your article writing service providers have already done half the selling for you! Contact Give Me Articles today for professional article writing service providers.

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