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What Happens When You Don’t Have Time to Proofread Your Content

Even if you don’t work at a professional article writing service, you probably spend a lot of time on the computer. So you’re probably used to the squiggly lines that appear beneath some words. You might even know what they mean. In case you don’t:

  • Red squiggles are for spelling mistakes.
  • Blue squiggles are for punctuation errors.
  • Green squiggles are generally grammar-related.

But even with these colour-coded pointers, it’s still possible to publish flawed work. After all, your word processing app can alert you when you type they’re instead of their. But it has no clue why your typed Peter when you meant Pierre. That’s what proofreading is for.

Mistaking misspelling for mismanagement

The internet is full of agencies peddling their professional article writing service, but typos are a clear way to tell them apart. And the same way you dismiss their badly typed articles, your clients will be judgemental over basic errors on your website. And yes, they’ll notice. Like the famous blogging joke goes, ‘If you’re not getting blog comments and you’re worried no one is reading, just make a typo. You’re guaranteed at least 50 troll comments correcting your language. #GrammarNazi. So while your typo may be the result of a hectic day, your readers and sales prospects will interpret it as incompetence. It’s just not worth the risk.

Get an extra set of eyes

Using a professional article writing service can help, because they have proofreaders as part of their package. So whether you’re hiring for your own blog or sub-contracting an agency on your clients’ behalf, consider this … blog articles stand as company representatives on the Internet. How will your clients feel about errors in the SEO articles you’re posting on their behalf? Not good. That’s why it’s a good idea to proofread before posting. If the expense of employing an in-house editor doesn’t make sense, why not try a free trial from a professional article writing service, and take it from there? Contact Give Me Articles today and let’s find out together!

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