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Why Isn’t Your Website Ranking on Google?

Unless you’re happy having an exclusive website for you, yourself, and thou, you’re hoping others see it too. That’s where getting your site to rank on Google comes in. Getting to the top, or on that first page, is a major factor when creating your website. You want an eye-catching design that will grab potential customers’ attention, and content that makes them ooh and ahh (or at least ooh). But if you don’t strategically design your site that way from the outset, all those pretty pictures and interesting content are for nothing. Nobody is ever going to see it. So, why isn’t your site ranking? Well, maybe because it was never designed to do so. Getting your site to the top (or ‘top-adjacent’) requires a professional understanding of how this search engine giant works. And it’s not a one-and-done kind of thing. The rules are always changing. It’s a lot to keep up with–especially when you have a business to run. So how do you stay up-to-date and ranking? It might be time to call in a professional writing service.

Professional Article Writing Service Can Raise Rank on Google

You probably already know this, or you wouldn’t be reading this, but your website must be search engine optimised (SEO) to rank high on Google. How do you do that? You’ve got to include keywords and phrases your target market would use to search for whatever goods or services you’re selling. Google has a lot of rules about how these words and phrases can be used, so be aware. There is a correct way to use keywords effectively. Freshly-written, keyword-effective copy posted regularly on your site can move you up through the ranks if correctly configured– aka, get to blogging. Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their websites. For example, if you sell socks, you’ll want to include keywords like feet, shoes, walking, sports, prices and fabrics in your SEO copy; but be careful! You only want these keywords to ping back to you as they relate to socks. If you don’t have time to write the copy yourself, consider outsourcing it. A professional article writing service can prepare fresh SEO copy tailored to your target market. All those extra links will gear up your website for Google’s rankings.

SEO Boosts Google Rankings

When a potential customer is searching for socks, that’s the word he’ll use in a Google search. A good SEO writer can write fresh articles that post to your website using every conceivable keyword or phrase a customer might use when searching for the socks you sell. Because Google recognises you’re in a related field, you can expect to move up in the ranks. But beware: more keywords does not a higher Google ranking make. Clear 350-500-word articles that are informative, quick reads are what will convert a casual searcher into your buyer. So those articles better be good.

How do you go about quality control? Start by selecting your SEO writers from a reputable company with a history of success. The number one job of a professional article writing service is to give clients the kind of fresh content that’ll help their websites rank on Google’s search engine results page. And isn’t that what all agencies want?


If you’re short on time, reach out to Two Red Crows. We’d be happy to free you up for more urgent matters (like a nice cuppa). 

Why is our campaign called Going Somewhere, SEO? We’re glad you asked. The whole point of your blog is to land up on the first search engine results page shouting, Pick Me! Pick Me! Sadly, blogs without SEO are going nowhere, simply because Google won’t find them. Our articles are driven by SEO. Occasionally they ask, Are we going somewhere SEO? The answer is always, Yes. What about yours?

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