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Volume is More Important than Ever with Blogging

Whether your business is starting out or it’s been around for a while, you probably know blogging matters. It may tempt you to get hundreds of articles and dump them on your site all at once. There are three major problems with that approach:

  • It’s not feasible to write so much at once.
  • You may not have the capacity in-house.
  • Such activity might be flagged by web crawlers.

The purpose of web crawling algorithms is to help consumers get the best possible answer to their question. Why? Because it builds their trust in that particular search engine, which means the consumer will use it more frequently, generating more advertising dollars for the search company. Where does this leave you? Well, you could look into online content writing websites…

Ethical SEO

These websites use different techniques to help you raise your rankings. Some methods – labelled black hat SEO – could get your websites penalised, so be sure to hire a company that uses tactics acceptable to web algorithms. As for specifics, aim for a dozen blog posts a month. 11+ blog posts can double or triple your traffic, while increasing your leads up to 4.5 times. Cumulative volumes matter as well. Online content writing websites have verified metrics to show that once you hit 400+ total blog posts, you get 3 times the traffic and 4.5 times the leads.

Getting better with age

This isn’t a one-off thing, because your old blog posts account for 90% of your online leads and 75% of your website’s traffic. Internal linking helps here – tying older blog posts to newer ones with direct in-text links. This keeps visitors within your website, increasing their retention time, and widening your window of conversion. The more they interact with you, the more opportunity you have to turn them into paying clients. Online content writing websites are good at making these connections between different pieces of content on your website. We do advise you to evaluate your website from time to time. Check your dashboard stats, and repair any broken links. For well-written eye grabbing articles, contact Give Me Articles today.

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