The Value of Posting Articles Regularly
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The Value of Posting Articles Regularly

You may have heard the phrase ‘build it and they will come’. It’s popular advice for entrepreneurs, and can certainly be used a mantra in the online marketing space. The idea is to populate your website with as many blog posts as possible. The more you write, the more readers you attract, the better your potential results. Fortunately, when you work with a quality article writing service like us, we’ll do more than quote clichés. We’ll give you facts to back up our claims. For example, by writing 16 or more blog posts every month you increase your leads 4.5 times. There are two issues here though – volume and frequency.

The magic number

You may have read that 400+ blog posts are needed for true results. This may prompt you to somehow find 500 articles and upload them all the same day. Unfortunately – as any self-respecting quality writing service will tell you – it doesn’t have the same effect. Why not? Search engine algorithms value consistency over volume. Regular posting means you’re more likely to use up-to-date sources. Your content is more relevant, timely, and accurate, so it offers more value to customers. As a result, web crawlers rate consistently updated websites higher than static or dormant ones. And from a consumer perspective, if they like your content, they’ll come back week after week. If there’s no new content, they’ll soon stop visiting.

Repeat visits matter

The more often these sales prospects engage with your content, the more opportunities you have to turn them into customers. That’s the single most important reason for posting articles regularly – they keep web visitors coming back. Posting a dozen blogs every month could triple your traffic, and we have the stats to prove it. So instead of sitting at your desk stressing out over articles, put our quality article writing service to work. We’ll ensure your blog is updated on a reliable schedule with informative, entertaining articles that appeal to human readers and web crawlers too. And we’ll ensure you never run out of high-conversion blogging ideas. So why not contact Give Me Articles today?

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