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The Driver And The Black Toyota

The air was sweet with the scent of rain. A black Toyota drove slowly up to the space where a gate should have been. The driver was a husky-looking man; there was a woman in the back seat. The brakes made an almost inaudible screech. The driver saw a girl hanging clothes. She paused and stared right at him.

The lady at the back seat tapped his shoulder and handed him her phone. He tapped at the screen rapidly and handed it back. It was a whole minute before she got out of the car. A dog barked somewhere in the distance. The first drop of rain fell.


As writers in lockdown, all that we can do is write. We hope that these short and silly stories take you away for a moment.  Read other blog stories by the writers at Give Me Articles. They’re not all about the driver in the middle of nowhere. We’re an article writing company, maybe we could write blogs for you too.

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