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A Cat is No Help in Confirming a Target Audience Profile

The first letter was sent by accident. I know this because my name is not Carl, nor do I have a cat named Turtle. But this unusual moniker seemed like something I’d lead with at a party where I know no one, so when I sent the letter back, I prefaced it with this observation: Turtle is quite a funny name for a cat. I then clarified that I am not Carl, do not know any Carls and have enclosed Carl’s letter: Sorry about opening it, I was on the phone at the time.

A second letter arrives, incredulous. If you aren’t Carl, and I’m not altogether sure you are not who you say you are not, please give him the letter. Said letter, beginning to fuzz where it’s folded, waits expectantly in the envelope.

I decide to type my reply this time. My own cat, Patches not Turtle, watches, indifferent. Like I said, I do not know Carl, yours or any Carl, therefore I cannot give him the letter. I do not know how to prove to you that I am not who you think… I pause.

It takes a moment for the printer to warm up but in a few minutes, I’m holding a snapshot of my tabby sprawled out on the windowsill. Proof, I write, enclosing the picture, Patches. Also, I’m returning Carl’s letter again. I hope you can get it to him. Patches sits in the window and watches me as I walk it out to the mailbox. Raise the flag.

The third letter is short. Enough Carl, I know what Turtle looks like.


Content Writing Tip: Target Audience Profile

A note about a target audience profile from an article writing perspective: Say you run into a room full of knitters with a needle suck in your thigh. Yes, knitting needles are very relevant to this audience, but would you market ‘the best knitting needles for thigh stabbing’ to them?

As content writers in lockdown, all we can do to help is to tell stories that sweeten your day. Read other short-short stories by Give Me Articles Writing Service. They’re not all about a target audience profile. Or cats.



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