Is a Real Person Reading Your Blog?

Is a customer persona still relevant?

Marketing always asks, How well do you know your customer? We think of it like this:

You’re invited to a black tie shindig. Do you arrive

  • tarted to the nine’s as a pirate;
  • kitted out for cricket; or
  • in a tuxedo and patent leather (surprise!)

We tell brand stories for real people.  Who are these real people? Articles are designed for traffic. Yes, the SEO framework says to Google pick-me-pick-me. However, it is the story of the article that entices and converts the reader.

Get Knowing Get Going

So, who is the reader and how do we know how to pitch the article? Two words: customer persona.

The customer persona plays an essential role in article writing. Read the Give Me Articles blog to learn why Knowing Your Customer is no joke.