So Busy With Clients That You’ve Forgotten to Tell Your Own Story?
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So Busy With Clients That You’ve Forgotten to Tell Your Own Story?

Having a comprehensive marketing strategy requires a lot of planning, budgeting and consideration. It’s very easy for companies – marketing companies in particular – to insource all of their SEO work. But is this the best course of action? What are the advantages of outsourcing and hiring a blog writing service?

You can focus on other priorities

As clients come in, and tasks begin to pile up, prioritising becomes more important than ever. Client work rises to the top to be done first. Content for your own website tends to get pushed down in the queue. With a blog writing service, you’ll maintain a consistent content schedule for your own website. And, your top copywriters can write content for your clients.

Higher content quality

When a copywriter does multiple projects, spanning several industries, content quality may become an issue. Good content requires research, planning, and sometimes several revisions. As time pressure mounts, corners are cut. It’s always preferable to cut a few corners when creating content for your own blog, rather than a client’s. Hire a blog writing service. You’ll have a dedicated team taking care of your content, avoiding any quality issues.

Lower costs

Depending on your area of business, hiring a blog writing service may significantly lower your costs. If you specialise in case study work, white papers, email marketing, or content marketing for complex industries, your copywriters earn a higher hourly rate than average. Assigning them to write for your own blog may be a lot more expensive than outsourcing.

Streamlining your business operations

If your copywriters are already stretched thin by client work, content creation will become an almost quixotic endeavour. As soon as you start seeing results, and more clients sign up, you have to drop the blog work, and reduce your client intake. At this point, you can either continue with this less than optimal system, or bring in extra copywriters. By hiring a blog writing service on the other hand, you ensure that you maintain a healthy stream of new clients, and that you only have to bring in new copywriters when you have the adequate client base.

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