Scam Alert! Check That the Article Writing Service Really Exists
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Scam Alert! Check That the Article Writing Service Really Exists

So you’re finally convinced that you should work with a quality article writing service. You did a quick Google search and found hundreds of candidates … though some look pretty fishy. How can you sift the chaff from the good stuff? It’s not as tough as it seems, because writing advertises itself. Look at the articles on their website. How good is the grammar? Do the words speak to you? Are there lots of typos and silly errors? Is it conversational or robotically overstuffed with keywords? Do they offer a free writing sample?

Analyse their writing approach

Another key deciding factor for your quality article writing service is their payment package. Do they bill you per word, per article, per month, per batch? Longer writing arrangements suggest they have an extended view. They want time to get to know you, becoming familiar with your products or services so they can do a better job. But look at their terms and conditions too – some simply want to lock you into paying for services you may be unhappy with. Check out their on-boarding page and see how soon they can get started. This isn’t about efficiency – it’s about how much groundwork they require before they dive in and start typing. It’s okay to feel a little wary, but instead of getting paralysed, review their queries.

Gauge their interest in you

The type of questions your quality article writing service asks is a key indicator. They might have a form with your general details, and it shows how insightful they are. If they seem overly-eager to get started before they even know what you’re about, it’s a red flag. They should also have former (and current) customers displayed. Get in touch with these customers and get their thoughts about the writing service. It’s natural to feel intimidated and confused by the scores of article writing services listed online. If you do a little homework, you’ll soon find a quality article writing service that will suit your needs best. A free trial article will help you to decide, so contact us today.