a blog story about Rusty by Give Me Articles


From a distance the houses look beautiful. Each with its own varying design; Lime green walls, blue railing, white columns. Most are one storey maisonettes with elegant balconies and expensive looking roofing tiles. As I walk down the street, I notice more similarities. A black rusty gate here, a green rusty gate there, a brown rusty gate further off. A dog barks in each house.

There’s an old pick-up driving towards me. Its shaft is cranky and the engine is loud. A vocal protest against the heavy load it carries. I notice the rusty bonnet. Nothing is aging well here. Not even the man on the wheel who lets out a wet rusty cough as he drives past me.


As writers in lockdown, all that we can do is write. We hope that these short and silly stories take you away for a moment.  Read other blog stories by the writers at Give Me Articles. We’re an article writing service, so we could write some blogs for you too. 

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