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Why isn’t Your Website Ranking on Google?

A professional article writing service understands website ranking on Google has to be a major factor in the creation of your website. You want an eye-catching website that will cause potential customers to pause, and content they will find interesting. But if your website is not strategically designed from the outset to rank on Google, then the pretty pictures and interesting content is for nothing because nobody is ever going to see it. So, the first reason your website isn’t ranking near or at the top on Google is because it was never designed to do so. The job requires a thorough understanding of how the search engine works and how you can make it work for you. Occasionally the rules change. It’s a lot to keep up with especially when you have a business to run which is why you may benefit from professional writing services.

Professional Article Writing Service can Raise Rank on Google

Your website must be search engine optimised (SEO) to rank high on Google. This is done by using keywords and phrases your target market will use to search for whatever goods or services you’re selling. Google has a lot of rules about how these words and phrases are used so be aware, there is way to use keyword effectively. Fresh copy written for your website every week using keywords that point to you will move you up through the ranks if correctly configured. Consider using the services of a professional article writing service to prepare fresh SEO copy. This will help your website geared to make Google’s search engine work for you. The keywords are chosen carefully to apply directly to your business. If you sell socks, its likely feet, shoes, walking, sports, prices and fabrics will be mentioned in your SEO copy; but only as they relate to socks.

SEO Boosts Google Rankings

When a potential customer is searching for socks, that’s the word he’ll use in a Google search. A good SEO writer can write fresh articles that post to your website using every conceivable keyword or phrase a customer might use when searching for the socks you sell. Because Google recognises that, expect to move up in the ranks. What Google will not reward is the overuse of keywords. Clear and simple articles of 350-500 words that read fast, are informative and easily understood is what you want on your website to transition the searcher into a buyer. Select your SEO writers from a reputable company with a history of success. The number one job of a professional article writing service is to give clients the kind of fresh content that’ll help their websites rank on Google’s search engine results page. Wouldn’t this help your agency?

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