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What if You Could Make Online Marketing Perform Better?

The primary aim of any professional article writing service is to improve the performance of your digital marketing. Usually, this takes a multi-pronged approach:

  • Write clear, helpful articles web visitors will enjoy reading.
  • Lace them with well-positioned keywords to attract web crawlers.
  • Optimise your keyword distribution to feed algorithms without incurring penalties.
  • Create awareness on the benefits of your product or service.
  • Supplement your content’s reach by actively pushing on social media.
  • Design a mix of organic content and paid ads for enhanced ROI.

Yet, even as you have the basics down, it can be challenging to convert your knowledge from theory to reality. Working with a professional writing team can help, because they already have a system. They’ve used it on hundreds of clients, and they can tailor it for you.

One of your primary concerns as a business is justifying the expense. If your writers are too costly, they’re beyond your reach. If they’re too cheap, you’ll worry they’re substandard. One approach is to gauge the pricing objectively rather than comparatively. Instead of looking at the figure, look at how it’s calculated. For example, if they have a bulk package, then you’re buying ‘wholesale’ so the lower price makes sense, and it’s not necessarily a commentary on quality.

Do a double-triple check

For any online offering, including a professional article writing service, free trials have become an industry standard. So if it’s not explicitly mentioned on their website, it’s okay to ask for one. It assuages your doubts about whether they can understand your brand, because they’ll ask for some information then craft a piece to fit your needs. At the same time, you need to verify their results. Your one sample could be done by the boss, leaving later work for interns.

How can you ensure this doesn’t happen? Review their other ‘free samples’. No, you shouldn’t ask for more unpaid work. But you can peruse their website, and look at the websites of their clients. All these sites contain live examples of your prospective writing team’s work. Look at posts separated by months or even years, to see if your wordsmiths remain consistent. After all, anyone can write five articles about – say – the power of pistons … but can they write five hundred while still keeping the fresh, entertaining, and algorithmically sound?

You could also do a quick assessment on yourself. Try writing your own article. It might take you an hour, maybe even a day. Evaluate your typical workweek, and see what else you could have achieved in that duration. You could have cold-called potential clients, visited a supplier’s warehouse, attended a networking brunch, or done some family chores. By outsourcing, you get all that done and still receive quality marketing content. It’s almost like having a clone!

More hours in your day

What happens if you don’t use a professional article writing service? You’ll have a few extra coins in your pocket, because you don’t have to pay your outsourced labour. But you’ll also eat into your marketing time (because you’ll spend that time writing), so you limit your income potential. In the time it takes your contractor to write five articles, you could have on-boarded five new clients, or at the very least, identified and followed up on five new leads.

Also, think about the 10,000-hour rule. Your writers have already hit theirs, thanks to their professional article writing service. And by spending a few hours writing for you every day, they’re getting consistently better, both at their general writing craft, and at understanding and producing your niche. Meanwhile, you can use those same hours to put in your own 10,000 towards sales, relationship building, and improving products and services. You get to work on your craft as your writers work on theirs, and your combined efforts result in more business for both of you. It’s the perfect symbiosis!

In ancient civilisations, the village bard or town crier would compose songs and chants to motivate the community at the farm, or in the battlefield. Online writers are today’s equivalent. They use their art to help you progress. Their fingers fly across keyboards so you can focus on the nuts and bolts of keeping your business going. So rather than trying to octopus your way to success, find the right writing team and let them work their magic.

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