Sleeping cat: Quitting might just be the best content marketing strategy
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Beat Burnout: A Case for Being a Quitter at Content Marketing

Is your Content Marketing Agency 2021-proof? SEO marketers are experiencing content creation burnout. Find out how quitting can make it right. Read!

Our internet-using collective is a Content Marketing Agency dream. All the world is spending more time online than ever before—7.3% more than this time last year, to be precise.

While exciting, it means that the pressure is on for content creators to find new ways to keep driving traffic to their blogs. I’ve felt it. Over the last few months, I’ve felt the creeping, crawling hand of content creation burnout. And I’m not alone. 


In 2020, internet searches for “burnout” and “signs of burnout” jumped up 24%.


So: why is it so hard to slow down, to softly “quit”?

In my case:

  • I mistook slowing down for quitting. They are, quite literally, different words with clearly different definitions. But some time along the way the two mixed and I couldn’t differentiate one from the other.
  • I thought doing it right meant doing it myself.
  • I feared slowing down would derail professional progress— worse, I expected it to undo it.  

Fresh in the new year, I’ve worked out my misconceptions. Coming out on the other side after some much needed time to disconnect, I’m here to make my case for taking a breath…or ten.

Like: Delegate or outsource. And, know your limits.

Taking a step back might just be the best thing for your Content Marketing Agency performance. Quitting is a marketing strategy that drives more traffic to your blog or site, and reduces your bounce rate.

Here it goes:


Try being a “quitter.”


Typewriter with text: Note to self: When it's going good, stop.

To make my case, I’m going to quote one of the 20th century’s most influential English-language writers, Ernest Hemingway. Turn to the pro’s for creative burnout remedies, right? Without further ado, start out with:


  1. The Hemingway Trick

If you’ve ever googled “how to drive traffic to your blog” , chances are you’re looking for the most effective route (aka, without working so hard). So don’t (at least not this moment).

Stop. Leave that task half-finished. Really. 

To quote the booze-loving writer: “When you’re going good, stop.” 

Of course, Hemingway was talking about writing, but we can apply it to other tasks–like your SEO marketing strategy (hello, blog).

My take? If, at day’s end, you’re on a roll and the task isn’t time sensitive, try leaving it for the next day. 

The benefits?

  • You disconnect and avoid getting sucked into a task that could eat up your free time.
  • When you start with that task the next day, it should be an easy win. (One down!)

And who doesn’t want to start the day off with some positive momentum?

If you regularly start your days with good momentum, you’re also less likely to get psychologically bogged down.

Bogged down → productivity blocks → burnout.

So why not? Give it a try. It’s a good way to prevent content creation burnout.

That said, it might not work for everyone. If you find it difficult (read: impossible) to disconnect until you’ve ticked every possible thing off your to-do list for the day, then maybe try this once and leave it.

And if you’re still overwhelmed, consider delegating. Save your talents (and energy). Perhaps someone else on your team could take a load off of your plate.

If your team is overwhelmed, you might want to buy blog articles. It’s not as pricey as you think, and it frees and freshens you up for more important tasks at hand.


  1. Don’t Think About It When You’re Not Working

You’ve heard it before, but when it’s time to clock out for the day, do it. Clock. Out. 

In the words of the bajillion-toed cat breeder:

“[Walk away so] that way your subconscious will work on it all the time. But if you think about it consciously or worry about it, you will kill it and your brain will be tired before you start.” 

And nobody wants to work with a tired brain, do they?


Wheelchair fencing with text: You don't always have to be en barde-have some fun (and beat creative burnout symptoms before they start).


  1. Do Things You Love– Take Time for YOU

Hemingway also noted how important it is “to get exercise, to be tired in the body. He went on to promote spending some quality time with your lover.

I can’t necessarily endorse the last bit, but I will say that taking time for yourself will pay off. Take care of yourself. Set time aside to read something for fun (remember what that’s like?). Meet up with friends (safely, of course!). Walk your dog. Watch a trashy TV show. Practice fencing–whatever floats your boat. 

Invest your time in one of these creative burnout remedies before you’ve got nothing left to give.

Because, do you know what you can do with a candle that’s been burned at both ends?


Because it’s burnt-out.


So don’t try to pour from an empty cup. Recharge with the things you love.


If your cup is not empty but runneth over (with things to do) and writing’s the last thing on your mind, reach out. From one Content Marketing Agency to another: make the time to quit!

We know how to write SEO content that will light your fire (*cue The Doors). Claire would love to help you. The Two Red Crows’ article writing service might just be the self-care investment you need.

Thanks for reading about our creative burnout remedies: you CAN make it right in 2021!






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