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Another Over Promise Under Deliver Tall Tale

Monday passed and the package didn’t come. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too. Today carries the last real hope. Saturday’s always a wildcard and Sunday, of course, gets skipped.

So I’m taking no chances. My guard post is a deck chair and patio table. Fan and laptop are running off the lawnmower extension plug.

Yesterday I got another sarcastic-sounding card, ‘Sorry We Missed You!’ – i.e. sorry, not sorry. Sorry you weren’t listening for a delivery you, yourself, requested. My card collection is spread on the table, ready for waving in annoyed emphasis.

This deliverer – maybe there are several, but he has one identity in my mind – is slippery.

On Tuesday I woke before 8:00 am, to a card at the door. Yesterday, pre-7. No card. Around 3, I went for milk – five minutes, tops. And there the wretched white rectangle was.

I picture him, staked out on distant corners, binoculars in one hand, card in the other. Seeing me go, he guns it to the letterbox and makes his getaway.

It’s my fault for ordering through a random courier. I’ve rung them countless times. Perhaps they’re out for milk.

Late morning now. Barely a soul seen.

An engine rumbles into my street – nondescript white van. It slows as it approaches. Crawling – the unseen driver must be peering at house numbers. But he passes on by.

I spring up – how to grab his attention? The card stack becomes my signal flag: Here, over here, you blockhead! I abandon my post for the street. The van gathers speed and pulls away. I launch the cards, which cascade across the road like fat, white cherry blossoms. The van shrinks until it’s swallowed by the slope.

I limp home and open the door. The welcome mat bears the inescapable message: Sorry We Missed You!


As content writers in these uncertain times, all we can do to help is to tell stories that sweeten your day. Read other short-short stories by Give Me Articles Writing Service. They’re not all about why not to over promise and under deliver.

Content Writing Tip: Over Promise Under Deliver

A note about over promise under deliver from a storyteller’s perspective:  Hyperbole is easy. It’s always there: the temptation to make a grand entrance; to write something larger than life; to make a Real Impression.  The fall-down is when you take it one step too far. If the story tells a tall tale, the brand can’t deliver. You only have to do it once to wreck a reputation.

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