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Do SEO Articles Have Long-term Value?

What’s this about posting fresh new SEO articles all the time? When people first started building websites, SSL certificates were seen as the highest form of online security. Today, you can get SSLs for free (and thousands of hackers can bypass the free version), so eCommerce sites look for stronger options, like TLD. Some netizens see SEO the same way. They think it made sense twenty years ago, and is not as effective now. They’re wrong though, because older SEO articles can be just as valuable to your marketing efforts. On a typical website, 90% of sales leads and 75% of traffic is derived from old blog posts. They also provide a larger ‘playing field’ for web crawlers to roll around in. The more content available for them to scour, the more accurate their rankings, and the better for your brand.

Are new SEO articles worth it?

This might make you think it’s not worth producing new content. But, if your site goes dormant, web crawling algorithms will deem your content out of date, and might stop adding you to new search caches. Think of it like your favourite store. You visit regularly to see new stocks. If they stop restocking, you stop showing up. Regularly adding new blogs is the virtual version of restocking. It’s worth working with content and article writing services to ensure your digital stocks remain routinely replenished. You should review old articles yourself though, to fix any dead links and phase out irrelevant pieces.

Playing the long game

So your content and article writing services have a good rhythm going. In a year, they’ve uploaded nearly 200 articles. That’s enough, right? Well, at 200 articles, traffic to your site doubles. Once your article count hits 400, your traffic increases 3.5 times and your leads rise 4.5 times. And these figures keep rising, so think of your content strategy as a permanent part of your (digital) marketing plan. And since you have so many other business-related things to do, why not connect with Give Me Articles today?

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