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Long Walk. Short Passage

And so it goes. I feel weight lift off my legs and hear a heavy thud as 40 kilograms of chocolate Labrador leaps to the ground. There is the scratch of nails on the laminate floor. Pretending to be asleep is pointless.  I get up, key the password into the alarm pad and glare down the long passage. Mocha is waiting impatiently at the sun-room door. I shuffle down the corridor, muttering curses under my breath. The sun is barely up. Is this really necessary?

I release her into the garden through the door and stumble back to bed.  Could this be the day I sleep on? No. In a matter of minutes I hear her return down the passage, stopping halfway at the French doors that also open into the garden. Scratch. Another scratch. A louder scratch. More cursing. I stomp down the passage to open the door. Mocha steps outside and lies down, just meters from the sun-room door. Have I trained her to do this? Has she trained me? It seems a moot point.


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