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Captain’s Log: Lockdown Day 1

Today is J’s first day of lockdown and my 8th at home. I’m going to let him rush from pillar to post ‘fixing’ stuff like his study’s AC, which is inclined to leaking. He sat down and fell asleep the previous 19 times he tried it.

He was looking for some DIY stuff and caught me dancing in the nick to a cheer-you-up song I received on Facebook from a girlfriend far away. I think it took years off his life. I was on my way to shower when I remembered and called it up on the computer.

I see he’s added urban trail running to his exercise programme now to try and recover. He runs around the pool –sounds like an elephant invasion, up and down the wooden steps of the stoep, around the house and to the garages and back. I had to put my iPod on to drown out the noise.

But this can’t go on. I have experience now. If we do what we want we’ll be feral in a week. We are going to have a schedule. We are discussing it during a meeting this evening. Meanwhile, I tried to find him some wire in my bead boxes and realised there is SUCH chaos that 3 weeks lockdown is not going to be enough.


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