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People, People and not a Drop to Drink

A pot, two pans, five mugs, a fat wine glass and plastic basin for the dishes: the whole inventory of water-bearing objects in my apartment. I have arranged them in the middle of my bedroom floor. They don’t cover the width of the dripping zone.

The water tank has a hole, so my place is filling up with smelly manna from heaven, in a manner of speaking, in a rhythmic plop-plop-plop.

The roof’s only point of access is the balcony of the surly guy next door, Robert. For two days, workers have used it to make repairs.  Today Robert has put an end to all that. I see the workers driving away early in the morning. “I’m sick of strangers coming in and out of my home,” he says, closing the door.

This is stressful – like my neighbour, I’m not much of a people person. The landlord dodges my texts and it keeps raining.  Thank goodness, my cousin Matt has been sleeping on my couch while apartment-hunting. He’s far more sociable. Really empathetic.  Matt phones the landlord repeatedly, of his own accord. Work resumes and is done by evening.

In a fresh dilemma, Robert storms out. He collects his things and departs into the rainy night. In a rare fit of sociability, I ask Matt if he’d consider the empty flat. He smiles.

Later, I lay in bed, contemplating my new life as a social person. We could hang out, watch movies. Order pizza maybe. About to drop off, I am disturbed by a repetitive noise.  The leak, returned already?

No, a lower sound: thunk-thunk-thunk. The noise is coming from next door. Music, voices, laughter.

Every night, it seems, Matt has guests. It’s awkward to say anything, but I think I’ll have to. It’s my home, you know? I’m tired of people coming in and out.


As content writers in these uncertain times, we are determined to distract you for a minute.  Read other short stories by Give Me Articles Writing Service. They’re not all about how lead nurturing works.

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Content Writing Tip: Lead Nurturing

A note about lead nurturing from a storyteller’s perspective:  Content that gives value is valuable content. When content solves customer problems, you start to build trust. A lot of lead nurturing energy and time goes into right-place-right-time marketing. And then you become an overnight success. It starts with relevant, helpful content.



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