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Is Your Company Posting Enough Articles?

So you’re already convinced. You have a website, integrated networking platforms, a team of content managers, and your own social media experts. But are you blogging enough? How can you tell? One word: analytics. Let’s look at some monthly examples from a company with 11 to 25 employees.

  • 0 blog posts = 100 hits
  • 1 to 10 blog posts = 125 hits
  • 11+ blog posts = 325 hits

These are average estimates, but the tipping point is seems to be a dozen blog posts. Meaning if you’re not reaching those numbers, then no, you’re not posting enough articles. And you don’t have to write them yourself. You can outsource to valid content and article writing services like us.

Why blogs matter

At the most basic level, blog posts are a digital function of your PR machine. They establish you as an authority in your field, by giving customers and prospects reliable information. They create awareness about your products and services. Think of it as the free-mium section of content and article writing services. Fans come for free information and stay for paid goodies. Also, your body of blog posts is a perpetual resource. Years after uploading, they can still bring in business. Analysis showed that on many sites 75% of traffic and 90% of leads come from older blog posts. They also provide an opportunity for internal linking (that’s when you link to your own blog posts rather than sending traffic outwards to other websites.)

Algorithmic secrets

Search engines are notoriously discreet about their practices, but Google admits link-backs are high on their priority list. Why? Because when people link back to you, it means they trust your product, service, and knowledge. Internal linking strengthens this, and the more blog posts your produce, the more content you have for yourself (and others) to link back to. These backlinks help you raise your page ranking. Which means more potential clients can find you. So instead of worrying about the inadequacy of your article numbers, or stressing about how to catch up, why not contact Give Me Articles today?

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