Is it Worth Buying White Label Articles?
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Is it Worth Buying White Label Articles?

By the time you’re looking into a professional article writing agency, you’re clearly considering the white label approach to SEO. It’s a good way to promote your brand and build up customer loyalty. In case you’re unfamiliar, white labelling is when one company makes a product (or offers a service). Another company then takes the product, slaps their brand on it, and sells it as their own. This all done with the express permission of the original company, and the white labeller usually pays a fee to the manufacturer. In the case of digital content and blog articles, you’ll hire external writers then post their article on your website.

All cash, no credit

For your professional article writing agency, this is a ghost-writing assignment. They’ll get paid, but their name won’t appear on the article. Advantages include:

  • It saves you time, letting you focus on other areas of your business.
  • Content quality is improved, because you’re outsourcing to a writing pro.
  • It enhances output, because you produce much more than you could have on your own.
  • Your page ranking is raised in a cost-effective way.

Remember, the reason you’re engaging in content marketing is to position yourself as an authority in your field. Having a professional writer craft your content will help you achieve this. You have the knowledge, but they have the word-smithing skill to make it ‘read right’.

Customers do care

Think of it more as specialisation, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood professional article writing agency. Customers are looking for high value information, preferably for free. They don’t care if it comes from the CEO or the intern. Their primary concern is getting accurate, palatable, (affordable) answers to their questions. So you have to anticipate their queries and provide content in response, and this can quickly turn into a full time job. Handing the task of regular blogging to a professional article writing agency can look promising, but how will your clients feel about it? Why not try a free trial article first, and take it from there? Contact Give Me Articles today and let’s find out together!

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