4 ways blogging can improve customer experience
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4 Ways Blogging Improves Customer Experience

Blogging can improve customer experience (and have long-term payouts). So kick-start your double-duty content now with these 4 tips.

With 45.9% of businesses prioritizing customer experience over product and price, be sure you’re meeting your customers at every point in their customer journey. How? How about blogging? You already know that blogging puts your site on the map (or at least somewhere in the SERP). But did you know that it doubles down as a way to improve customer experience? If not, here are four ways your blog can improve CX. 


Because keeping customers happy, and around, is good for everyone. In fact, a 5% increase in customer retention could result in 25-95% increase in revenue!

Blogging gives you an opportunity to:

     1. Get the Meter Running

If you’re blogging about the right things, you’re going to catch your customers’ attention. This is a great way to make first contact. Let your blog speak for you. Let it showcase your unique voice and your expertise. It’s less invasive than a cold call and gives a potential client the freedom to feel your brand out from the comfort of their own screen. Who knows? Maybe that potential client will reach out, convinced you’re the professional for the job. That said, it helps to blog about topics of interest to your potential client. Unsure of where to start? These blog topics are tried and true (at least in our experience). So give them a whirl.

     2. Add Value to Your Product

By highlighting your expertise through informative blog posts, you inadvertently add value to your product. Take the opportunity to educate your client on the ins and outs of the sector– and exactly where you fit into their process. You might unknowingly show them something they hadn’t thought of before, creating a need that you’re ready to solve. Or maybe they’ll reach out to discuss doubts, establishing a relationship based on trust and support.

blogging can improve customer experience

     3. Save Yourself Some Time

If you and your team find yourselves answering the same questions time and time again, blog about it! Answer FAQs in a handy-dandy blog post and feel free to direct enquiries that way. Free yourself up for in-depth, follow-up questions and other pressing matters (like trying to decide whether to blog in house or to outsource it).

     4. Be a Mind-Reading Unicorn

Let your blog underscore just how unique you are. While professional, it’s still a creative space where you can differentiate yourself from the flock. We connect with what feels human, real, personal. So be human, be real, be personal; be you. Then, while you’re at it, be up front. Anticipate potential questions– the hard ones a potential client might ask, and create content around that. Don’t beat around the bush. Take ownership of the conversation and meet your clients’ doubts head on– before they can form a potentially unflattering answer in their head without your input.

By the way, these tips don’t just apply to the beginning of a potential clients’ journey. Apply them to every stage of the customer journey to keep existing customers happy.


If your blog isn’t meeting your customer at every point of their journey, and you don’t know where to start, reach out. Blogging can definitely improve the customer experience– but if you’re not sure how to do it well, it can also derail all your hard work. Think about it and act accordingly. In the meantime, be well, be swell!


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