How to Triple Your Inbound Traffic with Blogging
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How to Triple Your Inbound Traffic with Blogging

You may not know much about digital marketing, but you know you want as many web visitors as possible. You might vaguely know regular blogging is a key part of it, but you might be unsure of what to blog about, how often to post new content, and how to get people to see it. Fortunately, all those problems can be solved quite easily by hiring high quality content writers. They’re skilled in producing pieces that work well on social media, and that are appealing to both human readers and web crawlers (the software that search engines use to rank websites). It also saves you the hassle of constantly thinking about what to write.

Strategy and timing

Let’s start with volumes. When your business begins – or rather when you launch your website – it probably won’t garner much attention, especially when it only has one or two blog posts. But if you encourage high quality content writers to update the site 11 or more times a month, you get three times the amount of traffic. If you can push it to 16 posts or more per month, your blog-related leads go up 4.5 times. This is because the more content you upload, the more virtual real estate is available for sharing, commenting, and back linking. These elements combine to push you higher up search rankings, especially if your content is superior quality.

Keep the content coming

Your relationship with your high quality content writers varies. Some content agencies will help you select topics, pick keywords, spread the word on social media, and connect your online efforts with your offline ones. This creates a holistic marketing machine, and is the preferred model, because it’s seamless, and it takes the pressure off you. It lets you focus on the mainstay of your business. Of course you can still guide the process, offering touch-points you’d like covered. But as you’ll soon realise coming up with three or four new topics every week, year after year, without burning out or boring your fans – that’s tough. Contact Give Me Articles today – we’ll gladly do it for you.

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