How to Add Article Writing to Your List of Services
Article Writing

How to Add Article Writing to Your List of Services

If you’re in the business of website development, here’s a way to extend your business offering.

Yes, you set-up a blog for your client. But, is this where your involvement should end?


What if you could add an article writing service to your offering? This is a service that’ll both bring in monthly revenue AND keep you top of mind as a service provider.

A website is a marketing tool. Even if it isn’t an ecommerce site. I’m not just talking about how your client’s website must convert.  I’m pointing out how you can make their website into a marketing tool for your business.

Sounds a bit convoluted, right?

Simply put: by marketing your website development service with this add-on, you can convert customers who want more from their website.

Walk with me:

  • The prospect is looking to buy a website.
  • They’re comparing service providers.
  • By adding blog writing to their website, you are upping your offering.
  • They’ll get more. You’ll get more.
  • It’s win-win.


The value of your client’s blog for your web dev agency

What can your business do to contribute to the success of your client’s website performance? Look, I’m not suggesting taking on responsibility for SEO performance. A value-add service like blog writing or maintenance can make your offering more attractive than your competitors’.

As we all know, having a website is not enough. It has to work. In other words, it must convert. But first, it needs traffic. And you can help.

So: this is an opportunity you may not have thought of. Yet. We’re talking about blog article writing.

Some of your clients may not be interested in anything other than a basic online presence. Others may simply be looking for a developer to help them implement a new feature for their website. Then there are the ones who want all the bells and whistles. But, it doesn’t matter, because they all need traffic.

By adding a white label article writing service to your website development package, you can address a much more complex pain point for your customers. What’s not to like?


The power of blogging

Clearly, the pandemic has changed how business is done. However, many companies still might not even be aware that a good blog can help them increase traffic  and improve lead generation.

In fact, many business owner are not convinced about the power of blogging in general. More specifically, they’re sceptical about whether they should bother to blog in 2021. You and I both know that blogging is vital for ranking on the search engine results page. But, is it worth your while to educate your customer?

They’ve most likely generated their leads and customers due to their physical store’s location, through word of mouth, or through traditional means such as print advertising. However, online business is the new normal.

And here we have it: SEO is vital. And a blog is an essential, ongoing SEO tool.


Their business blog means better conversions for your business

So: what does this mean for your digital agency or website development business? By presenting this option to prospects could help seal the deal. That’s why you should extend your web dev offering to include blog writing.

Here’s the thing: this marketing package can open up a whole new market for your business.

See: blogs get the word out there. Why is this important? Here are just 3 reasons:

  1. 72% of customers visited a store after performing a search.
  2. 50% of mobile users who perform a search will visit a store within a day
  3. 71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search


Make that (extra) sale!

Companies that want a new website or a website revamp are prime targets for your services. We’re not talking about an entire SEO service. Just blog writing. Which you don’t even have to do inhouse. So, no searching for new talent. No adding staff members.

At Two Red Crows, we offer an affordable, white label article writing service that is perfectly suited to be a part of your offering.  Contact us to explore how we can help.

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