How to Add Article Writing to Your List of Services
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How to Add Article Writing to Your List of Services

A website is a marketing tool. Companies buy websites so they can reach more clients. Website developers already address this crucial pain point, but from a marketing perspective, they miss out on a great opportunity. This is because as we all know, having a website is not enough. It has to also draw in visitors. This is where SEO comes in.

Offering SEO as part of your website development package

Some companies may not be interested in anything other than a basic online presence. Others may simply be looking for a developer to help them implement a new feature for their website. However, if presented with the option, most companies would jump at the chance to buy a complete online marketing package.

Most of the companies that do not currently have a website might not even be aware that a website can help them increase sales. They probably generate all of their leads and customers due to their physical store’s location, through word of mouth, or through traditional means such as print advertising. This means that a properly presented marketing package can open up a whole new market for website developers.

For example, presenting prospects with the following might help seal the deal:

  • 72% of customers visited a store after performing a local search
  • 50% of mobile users who perform a local search will visit a store within a day
  • 78% of local-mobile searches will result in offline purchases
  • 71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search

By adding an article writing service to your website development package, you can address a much more complex pain point for your customers, and increase your sales.

Upselling your existing customers or companies that already have a website

Companies that already have a website but do not currently have any SEO initiative are prime targets for your services. SEO usually requires a website revamp to make it search engine friendly, and it might also need WordPress implementation for blog creation. These services can be sold as a complete content marketing package if you add an article writing service to your offering. You can also upsell your existing customer base. An email marketing campaign targeting previous customers for re-engagement can lead to extra ongoing business.

At Two Red Crows, we offer an affordable article writing service that is perfectly suited to be a part of an SEO marketing package. Contact us today for your free trial article.

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