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How Many Blog Posts Should a Small Company be Publishing a Month?

Did you know a small company might actually benefit more from online marketing than a larger one? There are lots of reasons for this. Mostly, it’s about resources and budget. Large companies can advertise on TV, radio, or streaming sites. They can also sponsor celebrity endorsers. So while consumers might check their websites, they’re already familiar with these big brands. Smaller firms – on the other hand – are more likely to have their initial customer contact via search engine, so blog writing companies have a far bigger impact on their visibility. When we mention small companies here, we mean organisations with a staff of 25 or less.

Micro marketing

The advantage that blogging has over other marketing methods is targeting. The per unit cost is quite low, so while a larger company might put out a 30-second commercial aimed at everyone, blogging writing companies can write five different articles aimed at segmented customer personas. And just how often should you renew your blog content?

  • If you have less than 10 employees, a dozen monthly blog posts will triple your traffic.
  • For 11 to 25 employees, 11+ blog posts gets you a little over triple the traffic.
  • Regardless of company size, blogging 16 or more times a month gets you 4.5 times as many blog-driven leads.
  • For all company sizes, accumulating 400 or more blog posts gets double the traffic generated at the 300 blog-post mark.
  • Also, on average, 75% of hits and 90% of leads are from older blog posts.
Craft a content calendar

It takes blog writing companies about two years to generate over 400 articles, whether your company has five employees or five hundred. Work with your writers and generate a calendar you’re both happy with. It should include key dates, both at the global and company level (e.g. International Women’s Day vs the company founder’s birthday). This guides your team in providing timely content. The calendar could plan content for a month or two in advance, but it should leave wiggle room for extemporaneous events like trend-jacking. Contact Give Me Articles today – we’ll walk you through it.

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