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How Many Blog Articles Do You Need?

Usually, when someone asks ‘how many blog articles do you need’, the answer is ‘the more, the merrier’. (This assumes they’re positive, enjoyable things. As opposed to – say – clinic injections.) If you present this query to a high-quality writing service like ours, we’ll give you solid figures and back it up with analytics. Blog post volumes aren’t exactly one-size-fits-all, though. Driving factors include your digital marketing targets, your company’s size, and whether you’re B2B or B2C. Many novices make the mistake of blogging every day, but unless your industry experiences daily changes (e.g., forex companies), this strategy isn’t advisable.

Pace yourself

Why? You’ll soon burn out, slip into ‘churn mode’, and dilute your output quality. No matter how skilled your high-quality writing service is, your readers are unlikely to keep up if you post every day. They may prefer to check in once a week, and if there’s too much backlog, they’ll get overwhelmed and lose interest. It’s better to blog on alternate days, resulting in 2 or 3 blog articles per week. This way, you can let the article sit overnight and review it the next day before you post. It gives you a fresh editorial eye, which improves your final product. With that in mind, the magic monthly number for blog posts seems to rest around a dozen.

Size makes a difference

Pacing yourself applies to small companies too. As an example, let’s look at companies with less than ten employees…

  • 1 blog post a month brings in some traffic.
  • 2 to 5 blog posts a month double traffic.
  • More than 11 blog posts a month triple traffic.
  • Over 16 blog posts can multiply traffic by 3.5 (compared to 1 blog post).

As you can see, there’s an upper limit. After 15 monthly blog posts, ROI starts to stagnate. Traffic is important because it raises your page ranking, which leads to more traffic. It’s a beautifully regenerative cycle. Every click-through is a potential sales lead, so if you’re in the market for a high-quality writing service, why not contact Give Me Articles today?


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