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Get More Leads When You Boost Your Blog Volume

How often do you update your business blog? If you enjoy writing, you probably post new content more frequently than the average website. But you still have all your other business-related tasks, so if writing is a hobby, doing it commercially (as a conscious promotional platform) will soon take the fun out of it. And once it starts to feel like a chore, the joy of writing diminishes, as does the quality of your content marketing. At that point (or sooner), you may want to outsource. But you might wonder where to find content writers. Well, we’re right here!

Too little or too much?

Your search for professional corporate bloggers may arise from a different mental space. Rather than over-blogging, you may feel your content volumes are inadequate. But you don’t have the time, space, or capacity to write additional articles. You might not even be aware that you should. Once you know where to find content writers, you might start to hang out in their circles, and you could pick up a few tips about their blogging best practices. For example, did you know that at 300+ blog posts, your traffic doubles, and at 400+, your numbers jump by triple? You could get up to 4.5 times as many leads, 90% of them from older posts.

Get the numbers right

To reach this target and keep your article volumes consistent, you want to upload new content three to four times a week, bringing your monthly blog posts to 11 or more. If you can surpass 16 blog posts, even better, but avoid daily blogging, as it could overwhelm regular readers and end up irritating them. (Unless the nature of your business requires daily updates, e.g. the forex space.) As you investigate where to find content writers, do some research on topics of interest – both for readers and web crawlers. If you work with us, we can help you come up with subject areas that are relevant to your target, and we can work on your social media strategy too! Contact Give Me Articles today to boost your blog volume.

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