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Geo-Targeting Market Stall 14

At the heart of the market is stall 14. Save for the man seated in the middle of the uneven floor, the stall is empty. The makeshift shelves are lined with dust, cobwebs, and granite stones.

Around it, women haggle for vegetables, spices, and household wares. Sellers noisily compete for the attention of passersby while drunken men cheer over a game of cards. Amid all this chaos the stall is defiantly still.

The man sits crossed legged, his back curved forward with age. The bottom half of his shirt has been torn off, tied to his head like a turban. His trousers, once white, are stained by grime, dust, and mud. Each stain a reminder of his travels.

Surrounding him is a perfect semi-circle of granite stones. The perfection made more peculiar by the recurring pattern. Three big stones, two small stones. Three big stones, two small stones.

He counts his collection slowly. Satisfied by the outcome he gets up and pats the seat of his trousers, sending little clouds of dust into the air.

Then suddenly, as if possessed he goes into a frenzy. Yelling, gesticulating, and banging on the shelves. The stall is alive. Animated by the movements of a mad man. He points at his perfect creation and lets out an angry roar. Some people stop and look into the stall, but just for a few seconds. I stare intently.

Just as fast as it had begun, the frenzy is over. He sits down and begins to count once more. Then he stops. It takes me a couple of seconds to realize that he is looking at me. A curious glint in his eyes.

I slowly release my breath and realize I have been counting too.


As content writers in these uncertain times, all we can do to help is to tell stories that sweeten your day. Read other short-short stories by Give Me Articles Writing Service. They’re not all about geo-targeting or anything near it.

Content Writing Tip: Geo-Targeting

A note about geo-targeting from a storyteller’s perspective:  See, the more you know about your audience, the more you can tell them what they want to hear, how they want to hear it, and when they are most likely to listen to it. You get a whole lot of trust when you speak local to locals.




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