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Free Up Your Time to do Business Better. Outsource Your Article Writing

Do you have the time to do business better? We’re talking about getting the most from your content marketing. To do this you need a great blog. Do you have time to write a great article every day of the week?

You’ve probably heard these statistics from multiple providers of online writing services. They say 60% of internet users surf on their phones. 80% of these users are said to discover new products and services through search engines. Search engines are the new word-of-mouth, so if you want customers to find you, you need a solid web presence.

The higher your business appears on a Google search, the more likely it is that customers will click on your link. This is called page ranking. Savvy netizens have come up with all sorts of ways to raise their search rankings. Unfortunately, a lot of those companies use unscrupulous methods, like click-bait and illegitimate backlinks. As a result, search engines are cracking down harder on the cons.

The right way to get to the top

One preventative method against fraudulent online writing services is frequent algorithm updates that target specific techniques. Every time a business finds a new way around the rules, search engines develop a way to beat them. That’s why the best way to raise your ranking is to offer high quality optimised content.

Your prospective customers want to know how you can solve their problems. You need to tell them about the products or services that you offer, but the focus should be on them, and how these offerings can improve their lives. It’s about them, not you.

You might think this is the work of your marketing department or your PR team. However, they have a lot more to do, including the actual task of converting customers. Your online presence creates a sales funnel that your marketing teams can whittle down to hard cash.

We’ll do the grunge work for you

The quality of online writing services differs. Writing an article of three or four hundred words could take anything from half an hour to half a day. It all depends on your writer. So instead of having your sales team struggle, let us do the work for you, so your team can focus on making direct connections.

Our bulk-writing service makes your life easier by boosting your ranking while freeing you to focus on profit-making activities. Our articles are helpful and easy to read. They show your brand in the best light, and they are attractive to search engines. Get in touch with us today for your free trial article.


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