The Free Gift Promotion Fail Story by Give Me Articles Writing Service

The Free Gift

I get to the front of the queue and my purchases tumble from my arms onto the counter.  The cashier rings them up and announces that I qualify for a free gift, a cold drink. He will get it for me so what do I want? Surprised but pleased I answer, “This Soda, please.”

He looks me in the eye and solemnly says, “No, that’s not good for you. You can have That Still or Sparkling Water.”

“But I want This Soda,” I say.

 “No,” he says again.

This evening, That Sparkling Water is delicious.



As content writers in these uncertain times, we are determined to distract you for a minute.  Read other short stories by Give Me Articles Writing Service. They’re not all about the how free gift campaigns can fail.

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Content Writing Tip: free gift campaigns

A note about free gift campaigns from a storyteller’s perspective: an in-store giveaway is great for brand awareness and customer loyalty rewards.  Accompany this with a strong upsell strategy and you have a winning combo, right? Sales now; sales in the future. However, if your salespeople aren’t trained in the purpose and art of promos, your clever marketing is wasted. What has this got to do with storytelling? Stories set the scene. By creating an inclusive story, salespeople play their role; consumers engage; you get value.



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