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Every Business Has a Story. Can You Tell Yours in 50 Different Ways?

What stories are you telling online? A brand story is more than just a bio webpage and a catchy tagline. Your story is told through every business action and interaction you make. This includes from the choice of colour in your logo to your tone and manner when interacting with a client. The key element in any story, however, is language. The language you use determines how you appear to your audience.

Make online writing services sing your song for you

Professional online writing services are the best source for brand storytelling. Whether you’re a small SEO, web development company or a large-scale content marketer, a good storyteller will help you cultivate and polish your story online. Is yours a short and sweet anecdote of your product, or an epic chronicle of your brand journey? Your story should reflect your brand. It should also be fluid and responsive to the context and audience. Sometimes, you want a formal authoritative article that instils the reader with the sense that you are a reliable, competent and credible leader. Sometimes, you want a friendly and quirky piece that creates relatability and amiability. An online writing service can offer you a unique narrative for every context. If you hand the  keyboard over to a us, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Original, individually written content
  2. Content that speaks in your voice
  3. Content that tells your story in the most appropriate way
  4. A different approach to every context, from witty patois to formal fluency
  5. Creative placement of your specified keywords
  6. Content that delivers a strong message
  7. Content that has an enticing call-to-action that increases your leads.

Storytelling for every situation

Two Red Crows offers online writing services that tick all the boxes. We have a battalion of writers, each with their own unique eloquence, as well as a fastidious team of editors, designers and managers to ensure that each article is finely tuned to tell your brand story well. Our bulk article writing service is tailor-made to cater for SEO and content marketing, whether you’re a fresh start-up business or a seasoned company. Whatever your story is, we’ll make sure to tell it in an engaging and extraordinary way. Ready to get started? Try us out with a free trial article.

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