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The Long, Dark Road to Customer Trust

There are 3 of us on the motorcycle. I don’t trust the driver, but I trust myself less.

We stop for help. There’s one house. It’s just a platform on stilts. There are children: six or seven six or seven year olds. No matter how we gesticulate, no adults appear.

There’s nothing for it but to press on.

Firstly, I’m not so sure we are where we think we are. The stars are no help. They’re out of place and I can’t hear what they’re telling me.  Secondly, I don’t know how long I can hold on.

So we press on, slowly. Two of us know we are doing damage, one of us is delighted to be on an adventure. It’s so dark I can’t tell where the road stops and the sky starts.

It’s when we pass the fairy-lit field that I’m sure we’re going to die. Not far now, I tell myself. Not far now. We leave the fireflies behind.

There’s a rhythm to our riding. It’s not comforting. Before long, there’s a bend in the road that I didn’t see coming.

There are lights. This is when I brace myself. I know trouble when I see it.


As content writers in these uncertain times, we are determined to distract you for a minute.  Read other short stories by Give Me Articles Writing Service. They’re not all about how long it takes to build customer trust.

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Content Writing Tip: Customer Trust

A note about customer trust from a storyteller’s perspective:  Don’t tell lies.



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