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A Brave Display of Customer Engagement

So I want a glass of wine, right? Plus I have a new red I want to try.

So I look around for my corkscrew.  And look, and look and look. I discover 2 monitors, 3 towels, a router and enough cables to scale a moderately sized hill. I am on the point of giving up when I spot a hidden, false drawer kind of thing in my bedside table. And there, chinchilling like there ain’t nothing wrong in the world, is my Swiss army knife.

I commence the bottle opening process and as I’m about to pull the cork off, I hear an intruder fighting against my curtains.  An unidentified insect bursts through the gap in my curtain’s defenses! The UI (unidentified insect) proceeds to attempt to copulate with my ceiling light.

It is at this point, while reaching for my tennis racket (or emergency wine supply, as my wine has been hastily abandoned in the no-man’s-land that lies beneath the ceiling light) that I establish the type of insect that is so furiously trying to penetrate the light enclosure.

It is a bee.

After a minute of catch-me-if-you- OH DEAR GOD PLEASE GET AWAY FROM ME, I have an epiphany. I grab one of the towels I discovered earlier and attempt to dry-flick (harder than it sounds) this evil intruder.

In the single most athletic action I have performed all week, I dispatch my foe with an immensely overwhelming, “WHAAA!”

And just to think, I could have used that time to let the wine breathe.


Content Writing Tip: Customer Engagement

A note about customer engagement from a storyteller’s perspective:  there’s a difference between moving content and content that gets a customer moving. Storytelling gives you the opportunity to use both. You can even add a liberal dollop of call to action. Now that’s a winning combination.

As content writers in these uncertain times, all we can do to help is to tell stories that sweeten your day. Read other short-short stories by Give Me Articles Writing Service. They’re not all about customer engagement. Or bees.



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