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Coffee and Other Household Chores

If I were a bird and the tree in front of my window were my home, I think I’d nestle my bed of twigs and straw on the third branch from the top (my right looking out from the kitchen). This is what I think about as I stir milk into my coffee and contemplate whether to drink it standing at the counter or seated at the table. At least standing here I have the tree and its inhabitants to keep me company. The table and chair, while boasting practicality, are known to be aloof. I realize I’ve drained my cup trying to decide.

The stove blooms with heat as I put on another pot. I stand nearby to siphon off some of its warmth and continue with my avian interior design. The third branch on my right, yes. And as for materials… a bit of pine straw? There’s plenty along the entrance to the subdivision. I pay my community dues, a few tufts are mine anyway. So yes, straw. And twigs, like I’ve already mentioned. And maybe some leaves—

Steam hisses out both sides of the coffee pot like a livid cartoon. I’ve made a home out of coffee smoke.


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