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Why You Should Always Choose a Reputable Writing Company

One word frustrates and terrifies many providers of article writing services and writing company: algorithm. An algorithm is the system search engines use to rank websites. They are ‘secret software recipes’ so nobody fully knows what’s in them. But every time there’s an update, it shakes up the ranking of thousands of websites, sometimes more.

Why? Because many SEO companies are more focused on beating the algorithm than they are on serving your customers. These companies offer tips and tricks to swiftly raise your page ranking, but the second the algorithm is refreshed, you’re back to square one. You might even be worse off, because their black hat tactics could penalise or blacklist your site.

Quality, quantity, or both?

Search engines and article writing services both rely on their credibility. The search engine needs customers to trust it, believing they really are getting the best answers to their questions. Similarly, article writers need search engines to trust their work, otherwise the search engine won’t drive traffic to their websites. As a customer, this trust can work for you.

You shouldn’t have to choose between quantity and quality. You can find an SEO agency that produces hundreds of top quality articles in record time. These articles are optimised on multiple facets. The code included in web uploads appeals to search engines. The material in each article speaks well of your brand, offering persuasive, engaging information.

Visually appealing words

There’s an art and science to gifted article writing services. Good web writers recognise that online reading patterns differ from offline ones. It’s not just what you write, it’s where you write it. The reader’s eye is drawn to certain parts of the web page, creating an eye-chart. Our writers craft articles to match that eye-line, ensuring skimmers and scanners still access the necessary information about your brand.

Whether your prospective customer has a five-second attention span, or has dedicated five hours to research, our bulk articles will grab the attention and keep it captive. We will write your way into their hearts, minds, and wallets, all at a reasonable price. And if you’d like a little taste, you can review our past clients, or try a free sample.

Two Red Crows offers high quality writing in large volumes, widening the top of your sales funnel, and effortlessly wooing search engine crawlers. Give us a call today for your free trial article.

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