Manage Your Writers

Writer management: whether you have a team of inhouse writers or some freelance writers, you sit with the same challenge. How do you manage your writers so that you get good quality articles of the same standard on time every time?

Advice from the Editor

Our editors at Give Me Articles have been around the block and got the t-shirt.

Writers are an interesting bunch, and unless you know their general idiosyncrasies you’ll be frustrated every time. For instance, even the most reliable writer will up and leave in an instant.  It’s just a walkabout. They’ll be back.

Does your writer management process take this into account?

On top of this, our editors know which writers are eccentric, which are no nonsense, and which are here-today-gone-tomorrow. Who writes at the dead of night? Who gets the early worm?

Make it easy

Give Me Articles removes your writer management stress.  Read more about it on our blog.