Can You Rely on a Blog Writing Service?
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Why Rely on a Blog Writing Service?

A professional blog writing service may not be your first choice, especially if you already have a copywriter or an intern or assistant who spends most of their life on social media. The thing is, perhaps these resources are more valuable elsewhere in the business.

For many businesses, SEO marketing is an unfamiliar area. You’re right if you think that it requires a lot of effort, time and attention. With the challenge of managing your core business output, maintaining a compelling blog can seem pretty far down your list of priorities. To keep up your blog, you’ll need a steady flow of SEO articles. And SEO writing is about so much more than just telling your brand story . It’s also about how you tell it so that Google loves it.

If Google doesn’t recognise the value of your articles, then they won’t appear when users search.  Does each piece of content tick all of the SEO boxes? Is it relevant? Each blog post must do this otherwise writing them is a waste because nobody will get to read them. Your attempts use your blog for lead generation, to gain brand awareness, or to drive traffic to your website will be a waste.

Wouldn’t it be great if a blog writing service could just do it for you?

Let It Go

With a reliable and experienced blog writing service as an SEO partner, you can let go of the chore, content in the knowledge that your reputation will be protected. How so? Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and peculiar terminology are enough to make the reader wonder whether you care about quality. Will your company offer a professional, reliable service if you can’t be bothered to quality check your blog articles?

We know that it’s tempting to keep as much of your business in-house as possible. You know your own brand better than anyone, so why not let your team handle the blog as well?  Before you commit, take a moment to ask yourself if your copywriter or intern is equipped for the task. Does their workload allow this (continuous and time-consuming) undertaking the attention it needs? Do they have enough knowledge of the workings of blog platforms like WordPress, and the ins-and-outs of blog-specific SEO and its technical requirements? Of course they can learn, but can you afford the time?

The Smart Move

Outsourcing to a professional article writing service may be the smart move for your business.  You’re right to be cautious when it comes to letting someone else tell our product stories, even a professional blog writing service, so choose wisely and keep your reputation intact.

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