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This Old Man Hears A Call To Action

From the apartment window, I can see the old man who lives across the street. His tin roof held down by children’s toys. A dusty deflated basketball. An old pink tricycle.  A broken rattle that moves slightly in the wind.

The old man sits at his usual spot. His legs crossed; his arms knotted. There he waits for the children. The ones who want their toys back. I watch him nod off.

I see the butcher’s son. His stride is long and his manner confident. He means to try his luck today. Unnoticed, he goes through the bushes and into the compound. Then begins his climb up the uneven wall.

As he reaches for the basketball the wind blows. The rattle shakes. The old man stirs. There’s a stillness in the air, but just for a moment. And then somewhere in the distance, I hear children cheer. The chase has begun.


As writers in these uncertain times, all that we can do to help is to sweeten your day. Read other short-short stories by Give Me Articles Writing Service. They aren’t all about the nick nack paddy wack, or the power of a call to action.

Content Writing Tip: Call to Action

A note about the call to action (CTA) from a storyteller’s perspective: If you want someone to do something, you must tell them what to do. If you don’t, your prospect could be overwhelmed by choices, or just move along. Either way, that’s a lead lost.


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