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Which Business Blog Topics Boost Marketing Results?

Blogging is one of those double-jointed tools for marketers: Primarily engineered for content marketing (both organic and PPC), its role can extend to include real life showroom, customer service, and sales support.

But, how is this different to having a straight-up website?

It all comes down to what you write about.

Certain business blog topics are powerful in both roles: they can function as a marketing resource during either online or real-life interactions. In other words, your blog articles  can simultaneously be online  tools for marketers and sales and marketing resources for your team on the ground. 

But again: how is this different to your business website? Everything that anyone needs to know to take their next step is already on the site, right?


A blog post can be your reply to a particular, current and pressing FAQ whereas your webpages tend to present evergreen content. Not every visitor is interested in the way a certain product works and why it is best for trombone players rather than tractor drivers. 

Suddenly, it’s not just writing as usual.

And blogs are relatively quicker to write, post and publish. Result: requests from your real-life team for collateral on new products or new concerns are quickly available both as a reference and to share with customers. 


It’s a Swiss Army knife scenario

Certain business blog topics are powerful in both roles: they can function as a marketing resource during either online or real life interactions. In other words, your blog articles can simultaneously be online tools for marketers and sales and marketing resources for your team on the ground.

But, to get this right takes a shift in business blog strategy. A single-minded focus on SEO, traffic and lead gen results is inadequate: it must broaden to encompass the everyday benefits of blogging to your whole organisation. 

Whether you outsource article writing or your blog is managed in-house, our advice  is the same: a marketer should be writing your blog.

So which business blog topics boost marketing results?

Let’s find out what marketers know. 


The myth of one way traffic 

So, you’re investing in a business blog strategy to drive traffic to your website. But, what if it doesn’t? What if your blog doesn’t generate traffic? 

Hold up:

The stats tell us that business blogging does drive traffic. For instance, websites that add a blog can raise traffic by some 399%.

So, what’s the problem?


It’s not as easy as it looks

Simply put: generating organic traffic isn’t as easy as it looks.  

Why? Because you have to rank high. In fact, you have to rank right at the top of the search results page.

Look at the numbers:

  • Delighted that you’ve made page 2? Don’t be: fewer than 10% of users even scroll this far.
  • First page? Much better! However …
  • The action is in the first 3 results. These guys get 75% of all the clicks.

So: you have to rank if your content marketing topics are going to generate any traffic. 


Don’t try this at home

The sad truth is that it’s difficult to generate organic traffic by blogging. Content marketing is a science: you’re waist-deep in data analysis and there’s a steep learning curve. 


It can take ages. 

Depending on your business blog strategy, industry, product and the keywords you’re aiming to rank for, it can even take a year or more to get traction. 

Hot tip: That’s why we get the SEO pros to do it for us.

The other major contributor is the quality of your content. Google’s algorithm is looking for relevant content marketing topics that match the user’s intent and not just the keywords they’re searching. 

It must also be well written: no grammar, punctuation or spelling issues; easy-to-read; no plagiarism. Not to mention your own marketing needs: is the content pitched at the right audience and at the right point of the sales funnel?

Are you (really) posting (really) engaging business blog topics?

Between the on-page SEO, subject-matter relevance, and how the story is told, writing blog articles is not as easy as it looks.

Hot tip: That’s why 84% of US organizations outsource article writing.

Which brings me to my next point: 


Doing double duty

Even though your blog is working hard to get traffic to your site, it can do more.

Consider those prospects that come to you via word-of-mouth recommendations, or give you a call because they saw your branded vehicle around town, or struck up a conversation at a networking function.

What if anyone in your organisation could show or share up-to-date information relevant to the prospect’s position in the sales funnel right then, right there? 

With tailored business blog topics, you’ve got company-branded answers about your company, your products, and your pricing in your phone. Your blog supports your sales conversation with pre-packaged, branded marketing collateral.

That’s your marketing blog topics doing double duty.

Newsflash: There’s more to your blog than online lead generation.


3 Recommended business blog topics 

See: it’s not just about someone reading a blog by themselves, and deciding to act on what they’ve read, either by sharing or by converting. A blog is also a brochure that opens the door for a sales conversation, and creates opportunities for direct follow-up as a part of that conversation.

And this is why we recommend the following blog topics to write about:


Example #1: Here’s something to help you make an informed decision

So, our sales coordinator Claire is taking the opportunity to sell a new product to an old client. She’s passionate about Give Me Articles, so she gives the bells-and-whistles tour of our article writing service. But first she explores the benefits of developing a blog strategy for business growth.

She says:

But wait, before you buy blog articles, take a look at these up-to-date figures. I’ll call you tomorrow to walk through how we can boost your marketing results by getting the  benefits of blogging.

Like this:

Should Your Business be Blogging in 2021? Find out why Blogging Works.

Is business blogging still relevant in 2021? Yes! Blogging drives traffic to your website: you can’t generate leads without it. Learn how and why.

benefits of business blogging in 2020


List of SEE HOW IT WORKS blog titles:

  • How To Make Informed Decisions: 7 Step Decision-making Process
  • 7 Things To Research Before You Buy A Snake
  • Ways To Protect Your Digital Footprint

Example #2: We’ve got your back!

Then there are the clients who love something we’re doing for them, and want to share with a friend, but they don’t want to screw it up. It’s a bit complicated: they’re not keen to divulge their business process or results – even to a friend.  So they ask us:  Do we have something about this thing we’re doing for them that they can share? Sure, we have … just go to our website.

But here’s the kicker: Our industry is beekeeping. Theirs is jewellery design.

Of course, we’re delighted, because this is a perfect example of word-of-mouth. See: if we were to call the friend directly, it would be a sales call. However, if our client shares, then it is a recommendation.

But, we don’t have anything on our website that talks to jewellery design. So we could add a blog with a natty, downloadable infographic showcasing peace-of-mind solutions to their new challenges. But we don’t.

We go one step further. We write a blog that says:

  • We see you: we respect that what you do takes great skill.
  • We see these parallels between what you do and what we do.
  • We could make a good partnership.

Like this:


5 Gems for Online Marketers: Unexpected Lessons from Jewellers

The success of online marketing is determined by its power to move people. But isn’t this what jewellers have been doing for hundreds of years? 

persona driven digital marketing


List of WE SEE YOU business blog topics:

  • Why Products Should Not Be Tested On Animals
  • Are You Solving The Right Problem?
  • Top 10 Most Intriguing Technologies In Agriculture


Example #3: Quick! Listen to what our expert has to say 

So, I’m in a discovery meeting with a new client. They are bound to ask: How does Two Red Crows work? 

The sub-text is: 

  • Prove that you’re the expert you say you are. 
  • Are you partnership material? 

What do I do? I walk them through the facts:

Two Red Crows Brand Storytelling was established as an online article writing service in 2012. Since then we’ve written more than 20,000 articles on all sorts of business blog topics. We’ve kept clients from back-in-the-day, but we have to keep up-to-date with blog writing best practice to stay in business. Our business model has been to build a team of excellent freelance writers, and we’ve learnt a thing or two about hiring the best article writers along the way.

(*Pulls out her tablet.) Look :

Here’s a colourful infographic that shows you what we know: 

Guide to Running a Creative Business: Managing Freelance Writers Without Tears

There’s no one-and-done guide to managing freelance writers or running a creative business. But, you can make a good start with these DO’s and DON’T’s from the owner of an online writing agency.

Infographic of DOs when it comes to running a creative online business

Here’s a list of SEE HOW WE CAN HELP blog titles:

  • How To Improve Product Quality? A Guide For Business Managers
  • My 30-day Fitness Routine: Daily Tips
  • Our Surprising Secret To Talking With Confidence


Choosing business blog topics? Think like a marketer!

Clearly, a blog is the Swiss Army knife of marketing, provided you develop a blog strategy for business beyond the internet. 

  • Get ranked by Google? Check.
  • Drive traffic to your website? Check.
  • Generate leads? Check.
  • Build brand authority? Check.
  • Showcase products? Check.
  • Give value? Check.
  • Support sales? Check.
  • Convert? Check.
  • Retain clients? Check
  • Upsell? Check.

That’s what makes good marketing content, and why it matters.

For help with your blog articles, just ask Claire.



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