Fresh-Baked Brand Authenticity

Fresh-Baked Brand Authenticity

There’s Cake And Then There’s Cake

“It’s gotta be from Gino’s,” my mom says, “They’re the only ones that use real lemon.” She’s a big believer in brand name authenticity.


“No ‘buts.’ You know your sister will get a rash if she eats any artificial flavoring. Here, you can take my car.”

I perk up, grab the keys, and run.

Gino’s: Where They Use Real Lemons

So here I am at Gino’s, sandwiched between spandex-clad moms and dads picking up the real thing for their kids’ ____________ -themed birthdays.

The dad in front of me looks me up and down. His assessment? I could be his eldest son. In theory, he could be picking up a cake for me.

But he’s not my dad, I am not his kid, and there’s no cake for me today. It’s for my little sister, and since this is the first time my mom’s let me take her car out alone, everything has to be perfect. I double-check the wad of bills in my pocket. Still there.

The guy that could have been my dad walks away, cradling an ocean-themed cake covered in starfish. Or maybe it’s a starfish-themed cake covered in water. Anyway, it’s my turn.

“Pick up for Claire Needs,” I say to the girl behind the counter.



She spins around and thumbs through a pyramid of boxed cakes at her back. When she turns back to me, I know it’s not there. My heart falls to my feet.

She leans forward, her knowing eyes on guard. With her hand over her mouth, she whispers, “Listen, you didn’t hear it from me, but…”

And she hands me an empty Gino’s cake box.

Not-So-Real Lemons, Very Real Flavor

In twenty minutes, I’m home with a lemon cake with cream cheese frosting in a Gino’s box. The authentic, name brand. Or so it seems.

We sing Happy Birthday, and my mom passes out slices of grocery-store cake from a Gino’s box. I hold my breath as my sister takes a bite.

I envision hives, rashes, boils.

But she smiles ear to ear, cream cheese frosting and artificial lemon cake in her teeth.



From a Storyteller’s Perspective: When it comes to brand authenticity, authentic to one may not be authentic to another. But good brand storytelling is hard to dispute. Let the Two Red Crows team of writers create a riveting story that makes your brand a “gotta”-have-it.

Read more stories from the Two Red Crows writers; not all of them are about baked deceptions.

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