Blogging Can Quadruple Your Leads
Content Marketing

Blogging Can Quadruple Your Leads

What’s all this about the necessity for top content writers? If you’re considering digital marketing at all, you’ve probably been sold on its ROI. But you may not quite know how it works. Blogs help web crawlers find you – they’re the software that search engines use to rank websites. The more they ‘like’ you, the higher your page ranking, the more likely customers will see your website, and learn about your business. Web traffic is crucial for smaller businesses that might not have the budget for traditional (expensive) forms of marketing. And that web traffic is a virtual sales funnel, meaning for every twenty leads, you get maybe one sale. This applies both online and off, so the more leads you get, the better. Top content writers can help you generate these leads, by keeping your blog consistently populated.

Leads for days

Whatever you put on the internet stays there forever. (Yes, you can delete it and hire a ‘reputation manager’ but netizens with scripts and way-back machines can probably still find it if they really want to.) This permanence means blog posts you wrote months or even years ago can still bring in traffic. It’s proven that 90% of blog leads and 75% of blog traffic comes from prior uploads. Also, top content writers keep accurate stats, and these stats show that once you accumulate over 400 articles, your traffic will triple and your leads will increase 4.5 times. The  system is cyclic, so more leads bring more traffic, which brings higher ranking. Rinse. Repeat.

Reaching higher standards

Ideally, you want your top content writers to be posting a new blog three to four times a week. It can be difficult to do this on your own. Just coming up with that many titles (and then figuring out how to promote them through social media, newsletters, and ‘viral sharing’) is a full-time job. So let us help you out. We’ll generate content in the right quality and volume to hike your traffic, leads, and engagement levels, on the blog itself and on the wider internet. We can even help you boost your brand’s social media profile. So, why not contact Give Me Articles today?

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