Blog Early, Blog Often
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Blog Early, Blog Often

Statistics suggest we spend 24 hours a week online, which doesn’t sound like a lot. But if you break it down, that’s 3 hours a day. Most of this time is spent on memes and cat videos, but once in a while, we do look up important information and ask ‘serious questions’. The answers are largely in the form of blogs or branded videos, so if your company doesn’t have a blog yet, it should. Blog content writers offer the most affordable – and in some ways, most effective – form of advertising. By blogging 16 or more times a month, you raise your online business leads 4.5 times. At 300 blog posts, your web traffic doubles, and by the time you get to 400 articles, the number of web visitors triples. Some sites get 3.5 times as many hits.

Never too late to start

While blogging should be one of your first business steps, you can begin at any time. In the early stages of business, there’s a lot to do. Those tasks seem far more important than typing up web articles. All the more reason to outsource blog content writers. Depending on the package you get, some content agencies even have a social media component, so they can help you establish your brand presence on social networking sites. The combination of carefully crafted content and strategic social media push can give your company visibility with relatively little marketing spend. Plus, unlike TV commercials or radio spots, blog posts are forever.

Unmatched ROI

With traditional advertising, you rely on ratings. They can tell you how many people have their TVs or radios on, but they can’t tell you who’s watching, who’s napping, and who dashes off during commercials. With blogs, you can tell who clicked through, which page they looked at, how much of the article they read, and how often they came back. Meaning blog content writers can assess effectiveness better than any other promotional medium. Also, once you start posting, your content works perpetually – 90% of sales leads and 75% of web traffic comes from older uploads. So why not contact Give Me Articles today?

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